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Visitors Center

9:00 am Service
Traditional Service using responsive readings, prayers and songs that are typically found at a Lutheran, Roman Catholic or Episcopalian church.

11:00 am Service
Contemporary Service using more of a free-form style of worship. In this Spirit-filled, casual service, people often wear blue jeans or other comfortable attire.

10:00 am Sunday School
Our Sunday School program, Bible Learning Adventure Stations (or B.L.A.ST.) meets every Sunday of the school year. Young people Pre-K through sixth grade rotate weekly into three different learning stations; How Great Thou Art, the Soul Café, and the ArkCade. Young people gather in the fellowship area during communion and are escorted to their stations. Friends are always welcome! It’s a B.L.A.ST!

For more information on our Sunday School program, click here.

Small children are always welcome and encouraged to worship. We also have a nursery available. Just ask any usher for assistance.

Please consider joining us after worship for coffee and sweets served in our fellowship area.

Holy Communion
At St. George we offer Holy Communion every week at both the 9am and 11am services. All those who accept Jesus are welcome to come to the table to receive the consecrated bread and wine. For those who prefer, gluten free wafers and grape juice are available. All are welcome to commune.

St. George is a warm, friendly, spirit-filled congregation that has been blessed with many visitors over the years. We've been further blessed when those who've visited, choose to become members and make our congregation their church home.

Today's Lutherans come from various backgrounds, and St. George's growing congregation is no different. Unlike previous generations, when most of our members were "cradle" Lutherans of European descent, our members today come from a variety of religious traditions, cultures and walks of life. Our members have joined St. George after relocating to the Brighton Area, after marrying someone from a different religious background, after searching for a message that spoke to their heart, or after finding a sense of purpose and belonging within our congregation. Whatever your interests, needs or background might be, we want you to know that we are grateful that you are blessing us with your visit!

In the past, we've been blessed to meet the needs of people who find themselves in situations like:

Career re-locations
Unfortunately, this is a common part of today's job market. When this happens, families find themselves in a new community, separated from their loved ones and far away from the familiar feelings of home. The church family at St. George can help to ease those feelings of being disconnected. We can offer you and your family a sense of connection and belonging. We are a place for you to find friendship, support and encouragement as you adjust to your new home in Livingston County.

Couples today often come from families with differing religious backgrounds. It can be difficult for them to find a church that nurtures them spiritually and where they can both feel comfortable worshiping. For these couples, St. George just may be that perfect "fit". With our many small groups, and both our Traditional and Contemporary Services, we offer a variety of ways for you to connect with one another through Christ, and a means for you to deepen your personal relationships with God.

Many people are single by choice or circumstances. St. George is a welcoming congregation of all singles, regardless of the circumstances. We will do our best to ensure you are comfortable in worship and enable you to connect to those ministries of the church in which you would like to participate. Join us in a ministry where all can grow and strengthen our relationship with Christ.

Those seeking answers
We live in a complex world and sometimes it's difficult to understand why things happen or what we should do about them. People find themselves searching for spiritual meaning, and looking for answers to life's difficult questions. It's often then that we experience a deep longing to respond to God's love and seek His healing in our lives. Scripture tells us that this is God's way of beckoning us into a relationship with Him. This is the good news of Jesus Christ, and we at St. George have a message of hope that we long to share with you. A message of love and of purpose. A message that the Savior is truly your Savior!

Regardless of your circumstance, please consider blessing us with your visit. We would be so honored to have you! 

As a visitor, we would like for you to be our guest. You are not obligated to contribute to the offering. 
Please feel free to fill out visitor cards that is located in the pews, then drop it in the offering plate.