Our Church Council

2012 Church Council Members

President: Bob Steeh  email

Vice President: Jan Pitzer  email

Recording Secretary: Lorna Durand  email

Financial Secretary: Michelle Lanzi  email

Evangelical / Social Concerns: Pat Thomas  email

Treasurer: Stan Dzierwa   email

Youth and Education: Al Asfour  email

Facilities: Ron and Dot Woodman  email

Worship / Music / Fellowship: Kathy Bugaski  email

Council Meeting Minutes
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 1. Traditional Music Organist

 2. Contemporary Music Leader

If you are interested in either position, please contact: Jan Pitzer or Pastor Sharon

Posted: November 1, 2014

Open Positions on St. George Council to be voted on during November 23 Annual Congregational Meeting:

• Worship & Music (replacing Kathy Bugaski)

• Evangelism (replacing Pat Thomas)

• Financial Secretary (replacing Michelle Lanzi)

• Facilities (replacing Ron and Dot Woodman)
   We have one nominee thus far for Facilities, Bruce Graenser

• Appointed Treasurer (replacing Stan Dzierwa)

A brief job description of each is listed below:

Worship & Music - act as Worship and Music Committee Chair, and as liaison with Pastor, the Organist, and the Contemporary Music Leader for Music selections for the Church Year and Special Events, and also support special events and programs like the Christmas Plays or Easter Special Music programs.  This position will report monthly to the council at the normal Council meeting times.

Evangelism - act as Evangelism Committee Chairperson, and as liaison with Pastor and staff to identify and prioritize the Evangelism opportunities and resource plans for within the Congregation, within the Community of the Church and out into the World supporting it thru our Church and Synod activities.  Significant existing programs are Spirit of Hope  Detroit, Lutheran Good Shepherd Church of Amman, Fish & Loaves, Brighton Holiday Parades, Love Inc, and Bountiful Harvest support.  This position will report monthly to the council at the normal Council meeting times.

Financial Secretary -  With the assistance of a team of offering counters and using church management software, creates weekly giving reports; assists church staff with additions, corrections and deletions of church rolls based on Financial Giving responses from the Congregational members; reports financial support to Treasurer and Council during the regular Council meetings; assists Stewardship with Stewardship Campaign materials (seasonal); and generates and distributes giving statements to Congregational members. 

Facilities -  Budget and plan recurring maintenance expenses, coordinate work to be performed to maintain or improve the facilities, generate capital or non-recurring work lists, descriptions and estimates for special consideration by council or the Congregation, coordinate volunteer work seasonally.  This position will report monthly to the council at the normal Council meeting times.

Treasurer (appointed position to the Council) -  This person maintains the actual financial records, including aggregate income and gifts from Congregational sources, records and coordinates proper approval of  expenses and then creates these check disbursements thru Quickbooks software,  provides payroll and staff benefits payments, generates preliminary budgets for review, and approval of Council and the Congregation (seasonally). This position will report monthly to the council at the normal Council meeting times.

Please feel free to contact the incumbent in any of these positions to ask about the job, we look forward to filling all of these positions at the Annual Meeting, but need energized candidates for these positions.

If you are interested in one of these elected positions or the Treasurer position, please let me know at Church, leave me a message at home (810-220-4394), or at my email at jpitzer@hosco.net.

Jan Pitzer
St. George Council
Vice President